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Textures: Simple Health Bar | HP Bar

Textures: Simple Health Bar | HP Bar

This resourcepack adds health bars or health indicators, to Minecraft, it is compatible and focused on vanilla although it can be modified to be compatible with other resource packs.

Created By ZyprehX


X Doesn't require any experimental features or anything like that

Compatible with all vanilla mobs in the game

Includes 3 different skins:

( Classic Style 1 )

The health bar as life decreases changes color from green to completely red

( Style 2 )

Passive and neutral mobs will have a green health bar. 

Enemies and potential dangerous mobs will have a red health bar.

( Text Style % )

It will show you the % of life of each vanilla mob in real time

Download Simple HP Bar (Classic style 1) (.mcpack)

[124.98 Kb] Downloads: 289

Download Simple HP Bar (Classic style 2) (.mcpack)

[135.58 Kb] Downloads: 220

Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: admin

Category: Textures

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