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Environment Sounds Pack

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Environment Sounds Pack

This resource pack will fill your minecraft worlds with relaxing ambient sounds and also improves some of the in-game sounds like raining, walking etc. This is not an addon and can be used in your survival worlds.

If you are wondering how it works, it works by REPLACING some of the sounds that mobs make. They make ambient sounds according to their biomes and time at which they spawn.

Following sounds are made by following mobs:

  • Birds chirping: chickens, pigs, cows
  • Rustling of leaves: chickens, sheeps, cows
  • Plain wind sounds: sheeps
  • Mountain wind sounds: goats
  • Hawk and desert wind sounds: husks
  • Tropical jungle sounds: ocelots
  • Owl and ambient night sounds: zombies
  • Wolf howl: zombie villagers, wolves
  • Water surfing and seagull sounds: turtles
  • Water dripping and echoing bat sounds: bats

Other sounds:

  • Improved rain sounds
  • Improved water flowing sounds
  • Echoing walking sounds when walked on following blocks:
  • Stone block
  • Deepslate
  • Dripstone block
  • You can also disable the scary vanilla cave sounds from the subpack menu. Press the ⚙️(GEAR) icon after applying to turn them OFF.

Download Environment Sounds Pack (.mcpack)

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