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Texture: Defined PBR - A Vanilla RTX Resource Pack

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Texture: Defined PBR - A Vanilla RTX Resource Pack

Defined PBR is a vanilla Ray Tracing resource pack with PBR textures that faithfully enhance the originals, and fixes for all entity rendering bugs! Defined PBR creates the definitive vanilla RTX experience. Version 1.1.8 includes full support for every 1.19 feature, with many textures being completely remastered!


Through designing simple and faithful Ray Tracing textures Defined PBR creates the most definitive vanilla RTX experience in Minecraft. Each block uses consistent materials so that they can all look uniform with each other when used together in builds, and have meticulously designed heightmaps to amplify the style of the vanilla textures. Definced PBR also fixes every RTX bug possible, from villagers, to horses, to the player, and even for the Warden!

Created by MADLAD3718



Minimum system requirements:

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better
(Without an RTX card, you have only a classic texture pack without 3D effects and shading!)

Download Defined PBR RTX (.mcpack)

[3.86 Mb] Downloads: 1489

Download Defined PBR Glowing Ores (.mcpack)

[236.65 Kb] Downloads: 375

Download Defined PBR Cinematic Fog (.mcpack)

[128.14 Kb] Downloads: 325

Download Defined PBR Clear Water (.mcpack)

[119.95 Kb] Downloads: 403


Supported Minecraft Versions

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