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Shader: Climax

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Shader: Climax

Climax Shaders uses the new deferred lighting system in Minecraft Bedrock. It adds shadows, beautiful atmospherics, depth to blocks, and makes the eyes of hostile mobs glow in the dark. 

Created By HonKit26113

Lighting & Atmospheric

Sunrise at around 6:00 am in-game time.

Noon (12:00 pm). The sun is directly overhead and this time of day is the brightest with no shadows.

Sunset (6:00 pm). Block surfaces facing the sun all have a golden tint to them.

 Nighttime at around 8:00 pm.

 Midnight (12:00 am).

A screenshot taken at nighttime.

Glowing Mobs

The goal of the pack is to add glowing eyes to all hostile mobs. However, as this is the first beta, they have been added to some mobs only.

Creepers & Spiders with glowing eyes. Charged Creepers also have a glowing charge effect.

A Skeleton, Husk, Zombie & an Angry Wolf with glowing eyes.

Guardians, Elder Guardians and Drowned can be seen with glowing eyes at the Ocean Monument.

Endermen and the Ender Dragon!


All blocks now have a 3D look!

Some blocks have colored lighting and some glow in the dark.

 Ores now glow! These can be toggled on or off using a subpack.

Light Reflections

Metallic blocks reflect light.

Light reflects on water.

Volumetric Fog

Volumetric Fog is a new feature added in a recent preview. Light shafts & more realistic fog are now possible!

A cave entrance during rainy weather.

Nighttime with volumetric fog.

Enable volumetric fog by selecting the Volumetric Fog subpack in the pack settings. 

Note: Volumetric fog may decrease performance on some devices. If this happens to you, turn down the Volumetric Fog Quality in video settings. If the issue still persists, disable volumetric fog by selecting another subpack.


You can choose to disable emissive entities (glowing eyes & glowing body parts for mobs). You must restart your game after changing subpacks.

Experimental Toggles 

The Render Dragon Features for Creators toggle must be turned on.

Activate The Pack

 After activating this pack, open the settings while in-game, and go to Video Settings. 

Scroll down to the bottom, and select the Deferred Technical Preview graphics mode. Then, you are able to adjust the shader settings. Turn on Upscaling for better FPS.

Download Climax Shaders (.mcpack)

[1.91 Mb] Downloads: 2636


Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Shaders

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