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Addon: Nico's Cave Expansion

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Addon: Nico's Cave Expansion

Discover more features underground. Nico's Cave Expansion is an add-on will expand your underground exploration by adding a new variety of caves. This add-on will also add new mobs, blocks, plants, foods, and equipment.

Created By NicoTheKid


Crystal Cave


  • Crystal Cave currently generates under the Windswept Hills or Extreme Hills biome.

Mosshroom Cave 

  • Mosshroom Cave currently generates under the Swamp & Mangrove Swamp biome.

Mushroom Cave 

  • Mushroom Cave currently generates under the Mushroom Island & Dark Oak Forest biomes
  • New caves will generate in the negative Y level of the underground.



Glow Bird 

  • Passive Mob
  • Spawn in Crystal Cave, Mosshroom Cave, & Mushroom Cave.
  • Health: 16 (Wild) | 18 (Tamed)
  • Fly Speed: 0.25
  • Can breathe in air: YES
  • Healable: Moss Berry Cookie, Glow Berry Cookie, Sweet Berry Cookie, & any type of seeds or berry.
  • Breedable: Any type of Seeds or Berry.
  • Ageable: Moss Berry Cookie, Glow Berry Cookie, Sweet Berry Cookie, & any type of seeds or berry.
  • Tameable: Moss Berry Cookie, Glow Berry Cookie, & Sweet Berry Cookie.
  • Can sit & stay: YES (Once it's tamed)
  • Spawn Item: Glow Bird Egg.
  • Drop: Blue Feather.


  • Hostile Mob
  • Spawn in a Crystal Cave.
  • Health: 12
  • Speed: 0.18
  • Can breathe in air: YES
  • Can breathe in solid blocks: YES
  • Can climb walls: YES
  • Drop: Amethyst ShardQuartz Shard, & Rose Quartz Shard.
  • Melee Attack Damage: 2-3


Moss Shroom 

  • Passive Mob
  • Spawn in Mosshroom Cave.
  • Health: 12 (Wild) | 22 (Tamed)
  • Breadable using Azalea.
  • Tamable using Flowering Azalea.
  • Healable using Azalea & Flowering Azalea.
  • Drop: Mosshroom Fungus.
  • Wild Moss Shroom will avoid players & hostile mobs.
  • Wild Moss Shroom will sleep at daytime.
  • Tamed Moss Shroom will spawn a mosshroom fungus at random time.


  • Neutral Mob
  • Spawn in Mushroom Cave.
  • Health: 20
  • Attack Damage: 2-3
  • Breadable using Moss Berry.
  • Healable using Moss Berry, Sweet Berries, Glow Berries, Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Potato & Melon Slice.
  • Drop: Mycelium Sprouts.
  • They will sleep at daytime.

Mossy Skeleton 

  • Hostile Mob.
  • Spawn in Mosshroom Cave, Lush Cave, Jungle, Swamp, & Mangrove Swamp.
  • Health: 20
  • Attack Damage: 3
  • Drop: Bone, Moss Sprouts, Mosshroom Fungus, & Moss Berry.
  • They don't burn in daylight.
  • They sleep at daytime.




  • Remove the old packs before installing the new version of the packs.
  • Don't forget to turn on this experimental gameplay options: 

Download Nico's Cave Expansion (.mcaddon)

[1.57 Mb] Downloads: 181


Download Nico's Cave Expansion (server pack) (.mcaddon)

[1.95 Mb] Downloads: 101


Turn on experimental options in map settings
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Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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