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Addon: Gravel's Hammers

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Addon: Gravel's Hammers

Gravel's Hammers Add-On is a versatile mod offering a variety of hammers, each mirroring the aesthetics and mechanics of vanilla pickaxes, ensuring a harmonious and immersive Minecraft experience.

Created By Gravel Studios

Hammer Durabilities:

  • Wood: 60
  • Stone: 132
  • Iron: 251
  • Gold: 33
  • Diamond: 1562
  • Netherite: 2032

Dynamic Durability System

Gravel's Hammers features a dynamic durability system, ensuring balanced and strategic gameplay by deducting durability only for the blocks you break.

Special Block Mining Mechanics

Uncover new possibilities with unique block mining mechanics:

  • 3x3x1 - Activatable by sneaking while mining a block. (Costs 9 Durability Points)

  • 3x3x2 - Triggered by interacting with a block while sneaking. (Costs 18 Durability Points)

  • 3x3x3 - Exclusive to the Netherite hammer with right-clicking. (Costs 27 Durability Points)

Dynamic Block Breaking System

Preserve the spirit of vanilla survival immersion with a dynamic block breaking system that avoids breaking any Non-Survival-attainable blocks.

Crafting Recipes:

Craft your hammers at the workbench using the following recipes:

  • Wood Hammer:


  • Stone Hammer:


  • Iron Hammer:


  • Gold Hammer:


  • Diamond Hammer:


  • Netherite Hammer:


  • Workbench:


Enchanting Notice:

While Gravel's Hammers support pickaxe enchantments for enhanced utility, be aware that the unbreaking enchantment is not supported.

Experimental Features:

To experience Gravel's Hammers to its fullest, enable all experimental features as the add-on requires them.

Download Gravel's Hammers (.mcaddon)

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Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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ОS: android, windows, iOS

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