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Target Setter Stick (Mob Battles)

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Target Setter Stick (Mob Battles)

Create fantastic and interesting fights using these sticks.

Edit entity components like Scale, health, movement and name 

Create fights of riders using the stick 'rider setter' e.g: A skeleton riding a spider vs a Pillager riding a ravager or custom entities 

Created By Juaneitor 22

             Turn On:

  • Turn On GameTest Framework ✔️
  • Turn On Holiday Creator Features ✔️
  • Latest Minecraft version (official) ✔️


Find them into "Equipment" Category 



Kill Entity:

This stick will kill the desired entity by just hit it.

Useful if you are bored of the fight you're watching or you just wanna kill an entity that has a lot of HP.


Fire Setter:

This stick turns an entity on fire for 100 seconds.

Useful if you wanna make a fight between entities on fire.


Debug Stick:

Allows you to modify some entity components like health, movement, variant, ect.

Allows you to execute command using the entity context "@s"

You can add some mob effecs to the entities


Tamer Setter:

Tames the selected entity.

Note: Entity must have "Minecraft:tameable" or "Minecraft:tamemount" component


Rider Setter:

Starts a riding for entities.

The first entity you select will be the "mount"/"ride", this entity gotta have "minecraft:rideable" component and then the next entity will be the rider and it gotta be a valid rider e.g: Pig (mount) -> Zombie (rider)


Target Setter:

Target Setter makes 2 entities fight each other.


-Entities who don't have AI behavior attacks won't be affected e.g: Chicken vs Pig.

-Due to API changes entities must have "minecraft:behavior.hit_by_target" otherwise the stick won't get any effect (This is because some people use custom entities, if the custom entity does not have this component you can add it and it will work)


Download Target Setter Stick (.mcaddon)

[37.37 Kb] downloads: 5231

Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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