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Addon: Beyond the Underground

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Addon: Beyond the Underground

This add-on adds more caves for you to explore. Be careful of deadly mobs along the way, and you'll be able to find valuable ores for you to level-up your gear!

Created By HonKit26113

Luminous Caverns 

  • These caves generate exclusively under Mushroom Islands
  • This is a peaceful cave with no natural hostile mobs spawning
  • The entire cave is slightly lit up with vegetation!

Vegetation & Foliage

  • Giant Luminous Mushrooms & Giant Gloomy Mushrooms generate in this cave
  • Normal-sized mushrooms generate on the surface
  • Radiant Vines grow from the ground
  • These plants all emit a small amount of light!


  • Luminous Mushroom Stew can be crafted with 1 Bowl, 1 Luminous Mushroom, and 1 Gloomy Mushroom
    • Replenishes 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars)
    • Gives you Night Vision for 15 seconds 
  • Mysterious Stew can be crafted with 1 Bowl, 1 Luminous Mushroom, 1 Gloomy Mushroom, 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Brown Mushroom, and 1 Mysterious Fungus
    • Replenishes 3 hunger points (1.5 bars)
    • Gives you 1-2 random effects (selecting from all positive and negative effects)


  • Luminite is a blue gemstone that can be found in Luminous Caverns
  • Luminite Ore generates at Y levels -64 to 12
    • Drops 1-2 Luminite Shards when broken 
  • Combine 6 Luminite Shards and 1 Diamond in a Crafting Table to get 1 Luminite
  • Luminite can be used to craft gear!
  • Luminite gear can burn in fire but is invulnerable to explosions 
  • Because of how hard to get Luminite is, Luminite gear is slightly better than Netherite gear!


  • Shroom Elves spawns in Luminous Caverns
  • They can be bred using Luminous Mushrooms
  • They spawn in large groups of 4-8
  • They have 8 health (4 hearts) and die almost instantly from lava
  • They run away from the player but can be lured using Luminous Mushrooms
  • They drop 0-2 Luminous Mushrooms when killed 
  • Luminous Mooshrooms spawns in Luminous Caverns
  • They can be bred using Wheat
  • Interact with them using:
    • A bucket to get milk
    • A bowl to get Luminous Mushroom Stew
    • Mysterious Fungus first, then a Bowl to get Mysterious Stew
    • Shears to get Luminous Mushrooms. This will turn them into normal cows

Slimy Sewers 

  • These caves generate exclusively under Swamps
  • This is a very dangerous cave with thick green fog, limiting your render distance

Vegetation & Foliage

  • A layer of Slimy Stone replaces Stone on the surface, which slows you down
  • Slime Layers cover most of the floor
  • Slimy Blossoms and Slimy Sprouts scatter across the cave
  • Sticky Spikes generate on the surface and hurts you when you step on them
  • Slime drips from the ceiling


  • Slime Soup can be crafted with 1 Bowl and 2 Slimeballs
    • Replenishes 3 hunger points (1.5 bars)
    • Gives you Jump Boost II for 8 seconds and Resistance II for 5 seconds
    • Has a 45% chance to also give you Hunger I for 30 seconds and Nausea II for 20 seconds


  • Slimy Zombies spawn in the Slimy Sewers
  • They spawn in large hordes of 4 to 7
  • They have 20 health (10 hearts) like regular zombies
  • They throw Hardened Slimeballs at enemies which deal 7 damage (3.5 hearts) with no armor
  • They drop Rotten Flesh and Hardened Slimeballs when killed
  • Vanilla Minecraft Slimes & Witches also spawn more frequently here, in groups of 2 to 4


  • Slime Dungeons generate under Swamps between Y=-59 and 47.
    • There are 2 variants: Stone & Deepslate, for their respective Y levels
    • There are 3 spawners, 1 with Slimes, and 2 with Slimy Zombies
    • There is a treasure chest in the middle with valuable loot, including the Slime Dagger (exclusively found here!)
    • Slime Daggers deal 6 seconds of Poison II to any mob attacked using this weapon 
  • Here is everything new you can get from the Slimy Sewers.
  • Slime Dungeons are built using Slimy Stone Bricks, Slimy Deepslate Bricks, and Slimy Deepslate Tiles. You can craft them using Slimy Stone and Slimy Deepslate!
  • Slime Lanterns can be crafted using 1 Glowstone and 4 Hardened Slimeballs!

Limestone Caves 

  • These caves generate exclusively under Deserts
  • This is a very dusty cave with thick yellow fog

Vegetation & Foliage

  • All stone in this cave is replaced with Limestone, Cobbled Limestone, Calcite, and Sandstone
  • Patches of Quicksand occasionally generate
  • Limestone Pebbles, Cobbled Limestone Pebbles, and Sand Layers can be found on the floor
  • Sandy Roots hang from the ceiling


  • Scorpions spawn in the Limestone Caves
  • They spawn in swarms of 2 to 4
  • They have 16 health (8 hearts)
  • They inflict 10 seconds of Poison every attack
  • They drop Raw Scorpion items on death (or Cooked Scorpion items if died in fire or lava)
  • Vanilla Minecraft Husks also spawn more frequently here, in hordes of 2 to 4


  • Raw Scorpion items drop from Scorpions on death
    • Replenishes 1 hunger point (0.5 bars)
    • Gives you Fatal Poison II for 10 seconds, Nausea III for 8 seconds, and Hunger III for 10 seconds
  • Raw Scorpion items can be smelted in a Furnace or Smoker to make a Cooked Scorpion
    • Replenishes 5 hunger points (2.5 bars) 
  • Raw Scorpion items can be used to brew Fatal Poison potions.


  • Limestone Dungeons generate under Deserts between Y=6 and 47.
    • There are 4 spawners, 2 with Scorpions, and 2 with Husks
    • There is a treasure chest in the middle with valuable loot, including diamonds, golden apples, and/or enchanted apples 
  • Limestone Ruins can be found in Limestone Caves between Y=6 and 47.
    • All ruins have a chest, which contains useful items.
    • There are 6 variants in total. See if you can find them all! 
  • Limestone Dungeons & Limestone Ruins are built using Limestone Bricks. You can craft them using Limestone, and there are many other variants as well!

Ice Caves 

  • These caves generate exclusively under frozen biomes
  • Ice can be found everywhere, including dripping icicles and ice crystals

Vegetation & Foliage

  • Ice Crystals, Frosted Stone and Frosted Deepslate replaces most stone on the cave surface
  • Crystallized Ice and Blue Ice make up the cave ceiling
  • Pebbles can be found on the floor
  • Icicles drip from the ceiling


  • Penguins spawn in the Ice Caves and on the surface of frozen biomes
  • They spawn in groups of 3 to 5 on the surface and 2 to 4 underground
  • They have 10 health (5 hearts)
  • They cannot be tamed but can be lured and bred using Raw Cod and Raw Salmon
  • Vanilla Minecraft Strays also spawn more frequently here, in armies of 2 to 4


  • Ice Crystal items can be used to brew Freezing potions, which gives you Slowness and Mining Fatigue.


  • Lost Explorer Camps generate under frozen biomes (in ice caves) between Y=-30 and 20.
    • Lost Explorers trade you materials from the surface for things found underground
    • Because of a Minecraft bug, Lost Explorers do not spawn along with the structure. To spawn the Lost Explorer, interact with the Suitcase when holding an Emerald.

Other Blocks

  • Packed Ice Bricks can be crafted using Packed Ice. There is also Chiseled Packed Ice with a snowflake pattern! 
  • Pebbles naturally generate here, except for Limestone variants. To craft more pebbles, simply put the respective block into a Stonecutter!

Experimental Toggles


Download Beyond The Underground (.mcaddon)

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