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Addon: Medieval Furniture v6

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Addon: Medieval Furniture v6

Revamp your Minecraft surroundings with a touch of medieval charm. This Addon introduces an array of default-textured blocks, including tables, cozy chairs, and a diverse range of furniture pieces to elevate your gaming experience.

This addon introduces a plethora of new wooden blocks, including chairs, tables, and various other furniture pieces. Each block is compatible with resource packs and features crafted 3D models. Some blocks also incorporate textures from Minecraft, offering a seamless medieval furniture experience for decorating your homes.

To get the blocks in creative you have to use the command / function medieval_house. And the next house will be generated with all the blocks inside.

Created By EndXenoc MCPE


It is used to change the state of some blocks.


Now to make all the blocks, you have to create the new workbench:

Now you can create all the blocks in this table

Decorative sticks: 

Book Sheves 




New Box added


Decorative boxes:  

You can interact with the following items 

Decorative Barrels:


You can interact with the following items 



You can interact with the following items 



You can interact with the following items 



You can interact with the following items 

Walls & Roofs 


Blocks that have slabs are made as follows 





Fence gates










All chairs are functional 

These chairs are made with only stripped wood and any color of carpet 







Cupboards and desks


New blocks but they doesn't have crafting


Wandering trader's robe is in creative inventory 





Here are some pictures of the house with the decorative blocks.


Remember to disable recipe unlocking to get the recipes in survival:


Download Medieval Furniture v6 (.mcaddon)

[3.19 Mb] Downloads: 320


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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