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Addon: JS' fantasy - Witchcore

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Addon: JS' fantasy - Witchcore

Are you looking for a vanilla spell addon that adds new mobs, decorations and even a boss? Witchcore is the name of the aesthetic of modern witches, where they use crystals and various other things as decoration.

Created By J.S.Art

  • To start playing with this addon, know that it will depend on the TAIGA biome, witches will only appear there! Defeat the witches to win powerless wands, use the wands to exchange for crystals and create new magic wands!
  • To create the decorations, you need a block called "cauldron", this is where you will do your witchcraft!
  • To create wands, you also need the blood of a demon, summon the soulsand demon and defeat him in a battle to get his blood (he is not strong, but be careful with the goats he summons)
  • You can build an altar (structure) that comes with loot, in this loot there is a small chance of a rare spell called "força sombria" (dark force), it is strong!
  • Witch hats are loot from goats summoned by the devil.
  • Witch clothing has male and female models.
  • To fly on a broom, you need a spell called "Vassoura, voe!" (Broom, fly!), it's easy to craft!
  • To make wands you need a hex crystal, you get it by breaking the hex ore that the witch trader can sell you. for that, you need an amethyst pickaxe!
  • Some items need a human soul to make, so you need to kill the ghost of humans that appears when they die.



  • New decorations, new spells, new mobs, now the mobs have sounds
  • The soulsand demon is now called Willa soulsand, a witch who will test your skills and give you demon blood to create your spells.
  • The merchant witch is now Evelyn, the ghost witch. you can summon her!
  • Any mob in the addon can be tamed with the "Chocolate" item (except Evelyn, tame her with bones, she likes bones)
  • Now we have a spell with reference to the owl house, summon an aberration!
  • Several Gothic blocks were added as well.
  • If you are Brazilian, create a "crystal cube", it can predict the future but the messages are in Portuguese. Be careful with it, you can free "things" that are trapped in it...
  • A new broom has been added! She's faster than the first one!
  • New accessories are available, now the magic uniform and magic hats have been improved!



Activate ALL experimental options and leave the behavior pack at the top of the list (if you use more than one addon in your world)

Download JS' fantasy - Witchcore (.mcaddon)

[6.35 Mb] Downloads: 341


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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