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Addon: M&L Vehicles

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Addon: M&L Vehicles

Just a simple vehicle pack that adds over 13 new vehicles to the game. These vehicles also utilize a fuel system which is used to make them move and function. 

Created By M&L Addons

Motorcycles can fit one player whereas biplanes can fit two players and also pick up other entities. Trucks can fit 3 people and also provides extra storage space. 

These items are only obtainable in creative or by using the /give @p ml:motorbike2 give command, they can be used to get around the map in style. 

Red lifted truck, Bue lifted truck, and Purple lifted truck

Red bike, Blue  bike, Purple  bike

 Blue mini bike, Purple mini bike, Red mini bike

Bikes can be purchased with the bike salesman and with the use of my currency pack
Passenger planes can fit up to 7 people inside
A single plane can seat 2 people
Planes can be bought using the plane salesman NPC
Fuel pump NPC sells fuel for all vehicles in this pack. To use fuel click on the vehicle and it will deposit 1000 blocks worth of distance into that vehicle.

If you create or add it in a world, make sure you enable the experimental features such as:

  • Holiday Creator Features (Recommended)
  • Custom Biomes (Recommended)

Download M&L Vehicles (.mcaddon)

[1.6 Mb] Downloads: 1450


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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