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Addon: Air Magic & Dungeons

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Addon: Air Magic & Dungeons

Explore the world with your windy skills! Knock your enemies away or whip up a tornado! Delve into the new Dungeons and take on the Challenge of the Dungeon Raid!

Created By ZussmanKlint


  • S.Flight [Chaser|Escapist]
  • From time to time, gain the ability to have a straight flight ability

Basic Atk

  • Gust [Knockback|Damage]
  • Release a wave of wind around you that will damage and knock enemies away


Skill 1

  • Air Strike [Knockback|Range]
  • Spew wind that will knock and damage entities that it passes through


Skill 2

  • Wind Boost [Escapist|Knockback]
  • Boost yourself up above the air and gain slow falling


Skill 3

  • Air Field [Defense|Area]
  • Create a wide area protected by wind and enemies will be knocked away. The field will follow you as you walk



  • Tornado [Area|Damage]
  • Whip a tornado that will chase and suck in entities dealing damage over time



Dungeon Raid

  • These are dome like dungeons that when you enter you will have to fight through waves of monsters and get the loot at the end!
  • Step on the blocks in the entrance to activate the raid and everyone within 10 block radius will be forced to participate
  • You cannot leave the raid unless you die or complete the raid
  • Monsters in the raid cannot leave the dungeon's proximity 
  • The raid has a timer, when the timer ends, the raid will be completed and all you have to do is survive
  • If wave is not moving on then there must be raid monsters left
  • Inverse Chaos Teleportation[See info down below] is not advised to use here since there are times that monsters survives underground and you can only move on to the next wave when you use area skills to take them out


There are two Dungeon Raid Structures

  • Lush Dungeon Raid 
  • Nether Dungeon RaidLOOT



Dungeon Raid Mini Bosses!


  • HP - 350
  • Melee attack [15 DMG] that inflicts Blindness
  • Summons Zombies and Void Demons that deals Blindness


Boss Spectral Apparition

  • HP - 250
  • Teleports almost every second and does melee attacks that inflicts nausea


New Dungeon!

  • This Dungeon contains various hallways and rooms filled with loot and monsters!

NEW Weapons!

Warlock Skull

  • Summons instant explosive skulls to enemies around you
  • Dropped by the Warlock

Inverse Chaos Teleportation

  • Teleports nearby enemies underneath you
  • Dropped by Boss Spectral Apparition 

New Item


  • Grants 5 minutes of poison immunity 

To Brew:

Fermented Mix

Anti Poison 

Turned on Experimental Gameplay! 

Download Air Magic & Dungeons (.mcaddon)

[689.78 Kb] Downloads: 348


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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