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Addon: Star Pixel

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Addon: Star Pixel

An incredible new Star Wars add-on transports fans to a universe filled with epic battles, Jedi and Sith, spaceships and iconic planets.


Jedi holocron
Used to learn Jedi skills

Sith holocron
used to learn sith abilities

The addon contains several combinations that can be made with Jedi clothing, such as a tunic, cloak, and Jedi armor. 
Various colors of lightsaber to have the experience of a true Jedi, or Sith In addition to containing clone armor from the 501st and 212th legion, it also contains the arc trooper armor from the 501st and 212th legion.on the separatist side, it contains some battle droids, such as the classic droid b1 and the droid b2The addon contains several bosses such as, obi-wan kenobi, anakin skywalker, count dooku, assaj ventress, cad bane, bossk, and the death eye mandalorians


You can use holograms to call ships to help you get around
republic hologram Separatists hologram republic ship ARC-170

vulture droid separatist ship

You get blasters by defeating clones or droids
blaster DC-15S

blaster DC-17

blaster E-5

blaster IB-94



jedi holocron


sith holocron


all lightsabers

To get a "kyber crystal" you will have to find an amethyst, and then with the amethyst in your hand you will slap it and the amethyst will transform into a kyber crystal

Activate all experimental options  


Download Star Pixel (.mcaddon)

[646.77 Kb] Downloads: 1266


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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