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Addon: Dungeon Expanse

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Addon: Dungeon Expanse

This add-on brings an experience like never before in Minecraft! Completely randomized NEW dungeons in your world! Be prepared for a dangerous, dark, and an intense plundering experience.

Created By SyKoSoFi

How big are these dungeons?

This is an example of a HUGE dungeon, and is just a possibility of what you could get. There are 170 different rooms the dungeon can pick from, so the layout of each dungeon is different every single time! This picture was taken on a flat world to show as an example, your dungeon/s will generate on normal worlds.


What will a dungeon look like?

In your world you will see these HUGE towers, this is a dungeon entrance and these can be found in every biome. Inside of this entrance you will find a staircase that leads down to a dungeon. Remember, the layout of the dungeon is completely random so be prepared for a battle. Each entrance is different depending on the biome.


What will some of the rooms inside look like?

These are just two of the rooms you can find in the tier 1 level of the dungeon. There are a few categories of rooms you can find: 

  • Trap rooms - Rooms that contain traps, or parkour 
  • Feature rooms - Rooms that have a decorative yet dangerous design such as the Spider Nest or Water Fountain
  • Goal/Reward rooms - Rooms that contain some sort of goal to complete or a reward to claim such as the Spawner Room or Library 
  • Hallways - Self Explanatory 
  • Intersections - A open room that has multiple different direction you can take to navigate around the dungeon

These apply for tier 2 as well


Tier 2

Welcome to tier 2 of the dungeons! First of all, no these dungeons do not generate in the Nether. This is just another layer of the dungeon, inside of your dungeon you might find a staircase that leads down to this tier. Remember this has a chance of generating in your dungeon, you might just get a tier 1. Tier 2 loot is much better than tier 1.

Download Dungeon Expanse (.mcaddon)

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Turn on experimental options in map settings
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