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Addon: Shield Hero

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Addon: Shield Hero

Inspired by the world of "The Rising of the Shield Hero". This addon offers unbreakable protection, strengthens the hero with the power of fury,
Allowing you to protect allies and unlock new skills.

Created By AL3XANDRE

As soon as you start the world, You will receive the starting Menu.

  • Choose your Race
  • Choose your Hero

Basic Shield

Basic Shield Defending:
All Shields can be used to Defend.

With a Basic Shield in Hand, it is Possible to purchase other Shield Versions.

Light Metal Shield:
By Holding Shift with Shield in your hand, You can Switch Attacks.

Air Strike Shield:
Deals Damage to Enemies.

Air Defense Shield:
In addition to damaging enemies, it also knocks them back.

Leaf Shield:
By Holding Shift with Shield in your hand, You can Switch Attacks.

Gust of Thorns:
Deals Damage to nearby Enemies.

Root Prison:
Deals damage to nearby Enemies and traps Them for a few Seconds.

Rope Shield:

Holding on the screen will give you a small boost with the Rope.

Pickaxe Shield:

Holding the screen will give you a rush effect, Allowing you to mine quickly.

Shield Prison:
Traps nearby Enemies for a few Seconds.

Attack Balloons:
Summons some Balloons to Attack nearby Enemies.

Gaelion - Dragon Boss:

Special Attack:

Once he is defeated, you can interact with him to obtain Wrath Mode and Wrath Shield.

 Wrath Mode - Shield of Wrath:

Iron Maiden:
Traps Enemies by Lifting them into the air, Dealing lots of Damage.

Explosion of Hate:
A large Explosion that Damages nearby Enemies.


Download Shield Hero (.mcaddon)

[3.8 Mb] Downloads: 735


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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