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Addon: ArathNido's FNAF

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Addon: ArathNido's FNAF

With this add-on adds content based on the Five Nights at Freddy's video game where you can create your own Freddy's Fazbear pizzeria, interactive decorations, have your animatronics as decoration, you can also become one and in your Minecraft world will appear animatronics wanting to attack you.

Created By ArathNidoGamer

In your Minecraft world FNAF animatronics will appear, they will attack if they are in a dark place and the animatronics will have red eyes indicating that they are aggressive at that moment.

If you approach an animatronic they will start to grab you and take your life for every second, to free yourself from the animatronic you must destroy it and it is advisable to use a better shield and a better weapon. When the animatronico is destroyed it will release FazCoin, with the FazCoin you can buy decorations, to buy the decorations use the security guard's office.


 Using gold ingots from the stone cutter you can make other decorative items such as dolls, decorative animatronics, Fazcoin, security cameras, electric doors and much more. 

Security cameras:

You can place security cameras anywhere on your map, to use the cameras first interact with a chip to the security camera.  Use the monitor to see the cameras while you have the chip in the second hand, to stop using the cameras change the slot.


The security cameras will be manufactured from the stone cutter with gold bars, the monitor and camera chips are purchased from the guard's office.

Doors and lights:

To use the electric doors place the door in a good position, to open and close the door place a button on the door to the side and interact with the button, to adjust the position of the button press the squat button and interact with the button.

To use the lights place a button for the light and in a closer part place the emergency light. To turn the light on and off interact with the light button.

Doors will be fabricated from the stone cutter, buttons and emergency lights will be purchased with Faz token from the guard's office.

Stage curtains:

The curtains can be purchased with Faz Token in the guard's office, you can change their design by pressing the crouch button and interact with the curtain. To change the side of the curtain use the fabrication option:

 Some decorations and blocks are interactive, with the chairs you can sit down, with the lockers you can interact to store objects and the decorative animatronics you can interact with them to activate or deactivate their animations.

Animatronic suit:

To get an animatronic suit you can buy it with Faz token from the guard's office, to use it place the item in the head slot, each animatronic contains a special ability and all of them can use their jumpscare that will produce area damage.


Download ArathNido's FNAF (.mcaddon)

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Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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