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Addon: Nightmares of the Halloween

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Addon: Nightmares of the Halloween

Nightmare biome in Minecraft! It is more like a nightmare filled with monsters. There are custom new mobs and new features that create it even more creepy. 

Created By MrXtr8me

The Nightmare biomeThe Nightmare biome is a place where you meet creepy monsters from your scary dreams. The biome has a lot of new features including the Red Moon.


ScarecrowScarecrows are creepy looking creatures which came to life by the magic of the Halloween. These mobs mostly move in a group. 

Candy DemonThese candy demon are small but creepy looking candies which can be easily killed if you no fear. They drop candies after death.

Killer ClownSo these killers will roam in the Nightmare biome looking for preys. Especially looking for little children. 

FrankensteinThis big green creature roams in the Nightmare breaking every block while walking. It is scared of the day and burns to death.

These blood sucking monsters spawn at night with many bats. These creatures prefer shade and burn when it is day.

Michael MyersThe killer of the Halloween, Michael Myers is one of the famous killers and is pretty scary. On the other hand he is a killer who kills on Halloween. Michael Myers has a very less percent chance to spawn bit is very scary if found.

Soul Eater It drops ectoplasm shards which can be used for crafting ectoplasm ingots which can be crafted into various items.

Cursed Doll
The Cursed Doll has the ability to teleport and create a sense of unease and chaos.

BansheesEerie spirits that emit terrifying screams, causing fear and confusion in nearby players. They seem to be possessed by the sculk which explains their appearance.

WraithThese mobs spawn in night and killing them drops ectoplasm shards.


Shadow Spider

It gives the player blindness upon it's bite and killing it drops the Shadow Spider's Scale. This item can be used to craft the Spider armor.


Body SnatcherBody snatcher are small worm like creatures that spawn randomly. They give darkness upon biting.


Plague DoctorPlague Doctors are mobs that can summon black death infected victims and different types of attacks.


Plague Infected Victim

This were once villagers which were infected by black death. They give weakness upon attack.


Voodoo DollThese dolls are possessed by spirits and try to kill you.


The Spooky Gourdian

The Grave DiggerKilling him drops His Shovel which is pretty strong and has different types of enchantments.


Azrael, The Angel of DeathThis Death Angel can be rarely found in your world and he roams with his scythe which emits flame preying for collecting his next victim. Killing drops his sythe which is the strongest weapon in the addon.

Tools and equipments


  • Spooky Hunger Armor
  • Ectoplasm Armor
  • Spider Armor


  • The killer's knife
  • Candy
  • Choco Bar
  • The Skull sytche

Weapons and Artifacts:

  • Sythe of Death
  • Soulstealer Sword
  • Ectoplasm Shield
  • Bloodstone Amulet
  • Grave Digger's Shovel

Extra items:

  • The nightmarentine crystals which can be found as a ore in the caves at 0 to 16 level.
  • The Nightmare sand which is the top material of the Nightmare biome.
  • The Ectoplasm shards drops by soul eater, wraith etc.

Make sure to turn on these experiments if you want the addon to work: 

Download Nightmares of the Halloween (.mcaddon)

[1.5 Mb] Downloads: 472


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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