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Addon: Draconic Igniter Weapons

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Addon: Draconic Igniter Weapons

Experience a new dimension of power, strategy, and excitement with the Draconic Igniter Weapons Addon. This thrilling expansion brings a collection of formidable swords, each endowed with unique abilities to level up your Minecraft Game.

Created By elbtrek7

6 Powerful Swords with Abilities 


Aqua Sword: Wield the Aqua Sword to shoot watery projectiles that drench your foes, leaving a trail of effects on mobs as you conquer the aquatic realm.


Venomstrike Sword: Strike your enemies with the Venomstrike Sword and watch as they succumb to deadly poison, leaving a lasting mark on your adversaries. 

Terraforge Sword: The Terraforge Sword boasts incredible push force, sending your enemies flying with a single swing, letting you dictate the battlefield. 

 Electric Sword: Electrify your enemies with the Electric Sword, delivering shocking results to those who dare to challenge you. 

 Fiery Sword: Set your foes ablaze with the Fiery Sword, bringing the searing might of fire to the palm of your hand. 

Magic Scythe: Master the arcane with the Magic Scythe, an enigmatic weapon that can transform mobs into withered skeletons, bending the very fabric of reality to your advantage. 



  • Make sure to delete the previous addon and back up your world before updating to this version of the Draconic Igniter Weapons addon to avoid any potential compatibility issues 
  • You can enable experimental feartures if you want to and won't affect the addon

Download Draconic Igniter Weapons (.mcaddon)

[10.28 Mb] Downloads: 2799


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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