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Addon: Necromancer Boss

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Addon: Necromancer Boss

This incredible add-on features a dark and powerful character that will challenge even the most experienced players. The Necromancer Boss comes equipped with a mysterious staff, filled with dark magic, capable of casting devastating spells and controlling dark creatures. 


What really intrigues players is the mysterious mask that the Necromancer Boss wears.To get the lost mask, you need to craft it, using eight bones and an emerald, after placing the mask on the skeleton, it will be reborn as the necromancer boss

 Сraft to create the lost mask

 The necromancer boss summons whiter skeletons to help

 The necromancer boss summon poison balls with the staff, and before hitting the target, there will be a mark on the ground 

 The necromancer boss summon hordes of zombies to hinder you 

 The necromancer boss will summon hordes of skeleton knights 

 When defeating the necromancer boss he will drop the magic staff and the reborn mask, so you can use the powers of the magic staff and you must have the reborn mask equipped.

  Using the magic staff you can summon a mount 

By "crouching" you can select the abilities of the magic staff

 The second ability of the staff, you can create acidic puddles that will damage players 

 The third and final ability of the staff, you can summon two whiter skeletons to protect you in battle

Activate all experimental options 

Download Necromancy Boss (.mcaddon)

[149.66 Kb] Downloads: 663


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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ОS: android, windows, iOS

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