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Addon: Oberon Boss

Addon: Oberon Boss

 Oberon is a boss from Counter-Strike Online. He's an alien zombie hybrid that escaped his planet as it was destroyed alongside his species, and now seeks revenge on any planet he lands on. Are you ready for the challenge?

Created By AzozGamer936


Backfist: this is his common attack, deals 7 damage


Ground Smash: Uncommon but not rare, this attack happens when you're within 8 blocks range. Deals 13 damage, sends entities flying little high, and has 1/5 chances to clear whatever you're holding!

Disturbance: When walking, he shakes the ground

Blackhole: Rare, this attack mostly happens when you're further than 8 blocks range. Pulls everything from a 40-block radius towards him, then spins around to do a mild blow, 12 damage

Claw Strike: When his health is 50%, He will grow claws that deal double damage and have longer range. While the sequence is active, all attacks will be ignored and he will be healing. The time it takes for random attacks to be selected will be shorter by 1 second

Super Slam: Guaranteed, this attack happens when you're 44+ blocks far. He leaps towards you and kills everyone in a 13 block radius. You cannot escape him

Bombardment: Rare, this attack happens when you're further than 8 blocks range. Sends out bombs deadly bombs in a 3 wave burst


  • 50-70 XP
  • Netherite blocks
  • Dripstone blocks
  • Netherite smithing templates


  • Doesn't spawn naturally, yet
  • All attacks by Warden or Iron Golem will be decreased by 70%
  • 100% knockback resistance
  • 1,000 health
  • Will set time to night and red fog, until you defeat him

Includes music! Make sure to turn up the music slider in settings. 

Download Oberon Boss (.mcaddon)

[2.99 Mb] Downloads: 255


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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