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Addon: Not Enough Teleporters

Addon: Not Enough Teleporters

 If you step on the pad with obisidian (Teleportation Pad) you will teleport to the Landing Pad. The Deactivator on the left takes off the colors and allows you to switch it to a diffrent color. The drill on the right can mine and collect the teleportation pads, along with a new ore that can be found in the caves. 

Created By Diamond Ruler  

  • The Telepad's connect to specific colors, meaning red to red, green to green, etc
  • There are 16 colors in total, meaning 32 blocks (16 Teleportation, 16 Landing)
  • You can Teleport dropped loot along with entities through the teleporters (Good for mob farms)
  • The Teleportation Pads can teleport you to a Landing Pad of the same color within a 100-block radius
  • You cannot set 2 of the same-colored landing pads within a 100-block radius of the Teleportation Pad or else it will not teleport you
  • You can have over 1 set of pads in your world
  • You can have multiple Teleportation Pads of the same color go to 1 same-colored Landing Pad (1 Teleportation Pads, 1 Landing Pad only in the radius of course)
  • You can have multiple color sets within that 100-block radius meaning you have all the things above occur for the colors, but the colors aren't the same meaning you can have multiple different colored Teleportation and Landing Pads in that area

Download Not Enough Teleporters (.mcaddon)

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Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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