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Addon: Dynamic Third Person Camera

Addon: Dynamic Third Person Camera

The dynamic third-person camera is an addon that makes your camera perspective more immersive with some dynamic algorithm to make a magnificent experience. 

Created By kamii


  • Dynamic first-person camera
  • Aim mode perspective
  • Leaning perspective when sneaking
  • Free look character
  • Custom dynamic crosshair
  • Specific First person perspective item
  • Costumizebale camera position
  • Camera item

You can toggle it by typing “.toggle_cam”


Camera item is used for take screenshot from any angle camera



  • Dynamic First Person:

to make able to change perspective to first person when some specific condition like in underground.


  • Vertical Smooth Transition & Speed:

make the camera more smooth when jumping and change the speed of the transition.


  • Advance Camera Rotation:

Make camera more dynamic by adding some dynamic offset position.


  • Follow Camera Movement Speed

Force camera position to follow player movement


  • Scope Perspective:

change camera mode when scoping or using item.


  • Target Stabilizer:

make camera automatically rotate to player targeting location.


  • Peek When Sneak:

add lean when sneaking.


  • Riding Camera Distance & Speed:

change camera settings when riding.


  • Crosshair Type:

Change crosshair type on the screen.


  • Main hand Item First Person & Id:

make camera automatically first person when holding a specific item, for example, id input:

“bow, iron_sword, spyglass”


  • Additional Distance & Camera Offset:

add some offset for camera position.


  • Camera Mode Movement Speed

Change camera movement speed when using camera mode.


  • Camera Mode Maximal Distance

Change camera maximum camera distance can the camera reach when using camera mode.


  • 360 Camera Mode Rotation

Allow to rotate camera above 90 degrees in camera mode.


  • Show Camera Tooltip

Show the tooltip using camera mode.


You can access configuration by typing "/function config"



These addons are server side so it may have delayed when you play in multiplayer and make it unplayable.

Try to disable some features on configuration menu if you get some lag problems


You need to activate Beta APIs and Experimental Cameras

This Pack requires UI Queue and Kamii's script configuration 

Download Dynamic Third Person Camera (.mcaddon)

[136.33 Kb] Downloads: 72

Download Kamii's script 1.20.10 (.mcpack)

[5.45 Kb] Downloads: 47

Download Kamii's script 1.20.32 (.mcpack)

[5.45 Kb] Downloads: 39

Download UI Queue 1.20.31 (.mcpack)

[2.74 Kb] Downloads: 39


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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