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Addon: Tinkers Legacy: Reforged

Addon: Tinkers Legacy: Reforged

Tinkers' Legacy Reforged not only enriches your crafting journey but also ensures compatibility with a wide array of Minecraft mods. Dive into this immersive experience and redefine the way you approach crafting in the blocky realms of Minecraft! This addon does not use the player.json file, so it is compatible with most other addons.

Before we get started with the contents of this addon, there is an in game guidebook now.

Created By HaxTheCharizard


This guidebook covers all the core info you need from this page, as well as some additional info.


Content and features:


Blueprints! These are used to craft the Tinkerer's Workstation, as well as all tools and armor



A functional quiver has been added! Can hold up to 3 stacks of arrows, and works in your inventory or chestplate slot

  • Arrows will automatically be loaded into a quiver if you have one, and will always make sure you have at least 2 arrows in your inventory as long as the quiver has arrows in it.
  • Works with both bows and crossbows, due to the way they function
  • Does NOT work with potion arrows
  • Will show current remaining quiver stock each time an arrow is added or retrieved

5 new ore types:

Cobalt: spawns rarely between Y 32 and Y -64, can also be found in higher abundance in the Nether

Lead: spawns in clumps between Y 48 and Y -32, drops one or more raw lead when mined

Ruby: spawns at deep Y levels in Mesa and Mountain biomes, also used in some late-game recipes

Silver: spawns sparsely above Y -32, with higher concentrations of ores between Y -32 and Y -48

Tin: spawns commonly between Y 80 and Y -16, drops several raw tin when mined



Passive Enchants!

Several of the new materials have baked in effects and abilities! These are unique to the material they are built into, and create a bit more variety in Minecraft's combat

Cobalt [Lightweight I - II]: chance to gain a burst of speed upon hitting an enemy

Lead [Toxic]: can inflict fatal poison on hit, but has a small chance to backfire and poison the user instead

Obsidian [Necrotic I - II]:  occasional regen upon hitting an enemy

Silver [Holy I - II]: slows and weakens undead or "unholy" mobs (zombies, skeletons, vexes, etc)

Steel [Tempered I - II]: effectively an extra level of unbreaking, stacks with unbreaking I - III
??????????? {Abyssal I - II}: deals a portion of its damage as void damage on a cooldown, ignoring armor and potion effects



Recipe Changes:

Most Vanilla armor has been changed to require it's corresponding blueprint to craft, with the exception of Leather Armor (blueprint is not consumed on use)



Alloy Blueprints are crafted using the current core blueprint (core blueprints are in the bottom left of the recipe), and consume all blueprints EXCEPT the core blueprint. Alloys have equal or better stats than the materials used to create them



Alloy blends are made by grinding down a material and combining it with another. These blends then have to be smelted in a Blast Furnace to create the alloy ingot!



Ingots now convert to 4 Nuggets, and vice-versa




Recipes that required Nuggets have been changed to require half as many


Diamonds, Emeralds, Obsidian, and Rubies can now be crafted into Shards, which are the gemstone equivalent of Nuggets

Chainmail armor is now craftable, and does not require a blueprint




Mob Changes:

Piglins and Piglin Brutes can now spawn with several different weapon types similar or slightly stronger than their base weapons


The Ender Dragon now has a new drop that might be worth investigating...



Download Tinkers Legacy: Reforged (.mcaddon)

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