13-10-2023, 17:44

Addon: Alien Invasion

Addon: Alien Invasion

Get ready for an out-of-this-world gaming experience with the "Alien Invasion: Cosmic Awakening" addon.
This exciting expansion brings an intense and innovative twist to your favorite game,
 taking you to a universe where humanity faces an intergalactic threat like never before!


When defeated he will drop his Weapon:

Animation when Shooting:

Alien controlling the Ships:

Alien controlling the ships abducting the Mobs:

Ships kidnapping the crowds:

Be very careful as they want to dominate planet Earth at all costs,
try to survive with whatever resources they have.

Download Alien Invasion (.mcaddon)

[1.33 Mb] Downloads: 201


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: admin

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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