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Addon: PUBG Bedrock

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Addon: PUBG Bedrock

PUBG Bedrock is an add-on based on the popular video games Playeruknowns Battlegrounds. PUBG Bedrock is a kill or be killed add-on, play with your friends and Loot Structures, Collect Weapons and take each other out!

Created By Four Worlds Studios


The First thing you will notice when starting up a world is the Structures, Based of PUBG Mobile the Structures will hold Loot Crates which you break to collect the Loot inside, the Rarer the loot the better the item!


Loot Crates

Loot Crates are found within the generated Structures 

Break open the Loot Crates to collect the Items


The Guns

Guns are found inside Loot Crates, the Rarer the Gun the better it is!

You can upgrade your guns by crafting them with and Upgrade Card also found in Loot Crates, All guns will be different and be able to upgraded differently, by upgrading you add things like Grips and Scopes to your Guns.


  • This gun can be upgraded twice, Extended Magazine and Suppressor



  • This gun can be upgraded seven times, Grip, Extended Magazine, Suppressor, Red Dot Sight, 2X Scope, 4x Scope and a 6x Scope


Go Prone

Instead of Sneaking you will go prone, which basically means you lay on your front hiding from the enemy! Sneak to go prone and jump to stand back up again, if you have a Gun that has a Scope, sneak while prone to use it. 

Body Armor and Helmets

  • Inside Loot Crates you will find Body Armor and Helmets 
  • Level 1 Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Iron
  • Level 2 Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Diamond
  • Level 3 Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Netherite


Experiments Required


Download PUBG Bedrock (.mcaddon)

[825.29 Kb] Downloads: 707


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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