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Addon: Operation Prehistoric Pindorama

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Addon: Operation Prehistoric Pindorama

Explore a new world full of prehistoric creatures that once inhabited Brazil! On land encounter large dinosaurs and mammals, in the water ferocious aquatic predators, and in the skies colorful pterosaurs! 

"This addon was made to value Brazilian paleontology and divulgate the incredible creatures that once inhabited these lands..."

Created By M0RT3 addons

Welcome to Operation Prehistoric Pindorama! This is a completely unique addon that enhances the ancient Brazilian fauna lost in time! The addon has 59 creatures, of which 44 can be tamed, but they do not follow you or can be ridden, the intention is to collect as many creatures as possible to create a zoo or farm. 




Creatures can only be tamed as babies, so you'll have to look for eggs in the wild or the babies themselves in the case of mammals. When collecting the eggs, place them in your creature's new habitat and wait, after 100 seconds the egg will hatch and the baby can be tamed.

  • Herbivorous animals are tamed with apple, and carnivores can be tamed with cooked mutton, cooked beef, cooked porkchop and cooked chincken.
  • Herbivores can be grown with wheat, carrot, potato or apple, and carnivores can be grown with beef, mutton, porkchop or chicken.



Most creatures live in a specific biome, the information below will be useful for you to find prehistoric animals and be aware of the dangers of each habitat.


On the plains you can find large sauropods like Austroposeidon and small carnivorous dinosaurs like Aratasaurus that won't cause any problems unless disturbed.

The most dangerous animal you can find on the plains is the Paraphysornis, a 3 meter tall terror bird that inhabited Brazil during the Pliocene!



The forests are mainly inhabited by small carnivorous dinosaurs like the Ubirajara and the Santanaraptor, some crocodylomorphs like the Caipirasuchus and the Baurusuchus also live here. The largest predators living in the forest are the spinosaurids Angaturama and Irritator.

The Taigas in general are inhabited by the same creatures as the common oak and birch forests, but some larger predators live here, such as Pycnonemosaurus, the largest abelisaurid that ever lived, and the giant Carcharodontosaurus!




Jungles are the biome with the most diverse creatures you can find!

In this biome lives the greatest diversity of Pterosaurs of the addon, such as Thalassodromeus and Tapejara

This biome, in addition to containing beautiful creatures, also has deadly predators, it is possible to find among the trees of this biome the largest carnivorous dinosaur that has ever inhabited Brazil, the Oxalaia is a very close relative of the Spinosaurus and roams through the jungle.


Here is also the home of Tupandactylus, the largest Tapejarid Pterosaur in the world!



The savannas are a biome completely dedicated to the Cenozoic era, and it is possible to find large prehistoric mammals in this place!

In this environment you can find the incredible giant ground sloth Eremotherium wandering around, the giant armadillo Glyptodon also grazes here, and the main predators of this biome are the Paraphysornis and the terrible saber-toothed tiger, the Smilodon!



Deserts are a harsh environment where only the toughest of creatures inhabit.

Despite the conditions, several creatures live here, such as the small sauropod Ibirania and the pterosaur Caiuajara.


The giant Lystrosaurus species Dinodontosaurus can be found walking in a small group across the burning sands of the desert, its biggest predator and the main danger of the desert is Prestosuchus, a Rauisuchian that was the main predator of the first dinosaurs of the Triassic period!



The Swamp is a very dangerous environment, as many creeping predators live there waiting for the right moment to attack you!

This is home to a massive crocodile called a purussaurus, this animal lived in the Cenozoic and could devour the largest mammals, its bite is powerful enough to crush a car, so watch out for its jaw!

Other small animals can also be found here, the Ypupiara is a small raptor that feeds mainly on fish, it will not attack you unless you disturb it.




This addon makes the seas a very dangerous environment, many voracious predators can be found here lurking beneath the waves!


When exploring the ocean you are expected to encounter several species of mosasaurs such as Angolasaurus and Globidens, but the most dangerous is the Thalassotitan, a huge mosasaur, it is the top predator of the seas




The addon adds some new weapons that you can craft to defend yourself against dinosaurs and other addon creatures, these are the weapons and their craftings:









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