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Addon: Transport

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Addon: Transport

For all your transporting requirements we have here bulldozers, two dirtbikes, hot air balloons, blimps, bicycles, three types of planes, a chopper, an air ship to transport them all, flying broomsticks and ... horse and cart! You know, the usual things. 

Created By mno


To obtain any of these things, you have to craft the right sort of package (e.g. bulldozer-in-a-box!), place it down, and then destroy it. A spawn egg will drop and the fun will commence. Most require a 'magic motor', recipe below. If you place it down (it's a light source as well) you'll need a silk-touch pick axe to pick it up.



This handy flying transporter can transport almost anything you can imagine including bulldozers, creepers, villagers, pandas, dragons, buses, motorbikes, planes, horses, you name it! Fairly slow, but fairly handy. If it's a vanilla mob tagged as 'mob' it can be transported. So no Minecraft boats or minecarts for you. Anything else, probably.  

Comes in a variety of colors. Something for everyone I'd say. Crafting recipe above. If you destroy it it won't drop its spawn egg. It has a height limit of around 100. So pay attention when flying through mountains!


Expensive, that's for sure (those grey blocks are netherite blocks, yikes). Slow (ish) and powerful, these things can bust through just about everything. Including... bedrock. Yes, not sure if this was a good idea or not, but, there it is. They come in a variety of colors and when destroyed, they do not drop a spawn egg, so you'll need to build a new one. 



Ideal for heading out for that camping trip with your buddies. Terrorize the villagers with sounds of your 2 stroke madness. They do have a small inventory, perfect for that shulker box full of camping gear. They don't drop a spawn egg when destroyed. Not that expensive though (note the black blocks are coal blocks.) 


Not as strong, but generally a bit faster and can jump a bit higher.



 They are cheap, come in a variety of colors, and they do drop a spawn egg, so, there's that. 


I don't know what the plural of these things is. Neither do you, stop pretending. They do not drop a spawn egg either. But you can ride them (and take a passenger, I believe, at least I meant to add a passenger, might be a job for version 2), and they have an inventory. 


Hot Air Balloons

Peaceful, and very pretty but quite slow. Repair them with wool/string. No spawn egg from these things so be careful. Look up to fly up, look down to fly down. 

Flying Broomsticks

So expensive. They will drop a spawn egg, so, that's pretty neat. Have fun gathering the required amount of netherite! (The purple block is crying obsidian.) Look up to fly up, down to fly down. Just like the balloon. Just not as pretty. 


Passenger Plane


Open Cockpit Plane

Very cool! Again, you need to maintain speed or you'll stall and fall. 


Single-Seat plane

Like the above, but for people who don't want their hair all mussed. 


Death Trap

What it lacks in safety it more than makes up for in cheapness and fun, fun, fun. If you're watching and not participating. 

Don't look down Steve!


You want one of these! Who wouldn't?!




Who doesn't love blimps! Now you can have your own, and they don't even explode (I feel we've missed an opportunity here.....). Four seater! 

  • Added the 2023 (turbo boost model) dirtbike
  • Fixed a bug with the horse and cart resources

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Author: Steve

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ОS: android, windows, iOS

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