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Addon: Hellminers

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Addon: Hellminers

Hellminers is an add-on inspired and based on the recently released Helldivers 2 game. It contains 5 guns, 7 stratagems(4 offensive and 3 supply), armor, stims, 2 emotes and 3 enemies.


Addon has only 1 armor set now - B-01 Tactical, the default helldiver's armor and a default cape



All guns mechanics:

  • If the gun is empty to reload you have to have a right magazine in you hotbar. If ypu want to reload while still having ammo you need to put a magazine in your offhand and use the gun, but all remaining bullets will be wasted
  • Most of the guns have flashlight on them, to activate it you need to put a "flashlight" item to your offhand
  • You can change firemode on some guns by pressing crouch+attack
  • Ammo indicator is shown on the picture below

AR-23 Liberator

  • Damage - 4.5
  • Melee damage - 6
  • You can change firemode to burst

AR-23P Liberator Penetrator

  • Damage - 5
  • Melee damage - 8
  • You can change firemode to burst

MG-43 Machine Gun

  • Damage - 8
  • Melee damage - 6
  • You can change firemode to lower fire rate

P-2 Peacemaker

  • Damage - 6
  • Melee damage - 3

EAT-17 Expandable Anti-Tank

  • Impact damage - 150
  • Area damage - 100
  • Radius - 4 blocks
  • Can be shot only one time


  • When used clears your effects and gives you regeneration for 12 seconds and speed boost for 10
  • If you stop using it before the animation end you won't get effects
  • Not a gun but I didn't know where to put it



Eagle Airstrike

  • Drops 4 bombs in the area near the place you've thrown the stratagem
  • (idk how much damage it does xd)

Eagle Napalm Airstrike

  • Same as regular airstrike but bombs make fire in a big area around themselves

Eagle 500kg Bomb

  • Very powerfull explosion but with a fast damage loss from distance

Orbital Precision Strike

  • Powerfull direct hit from orbit



  • Drops, well, MG-43 Machine Gun in a hellpod
  • When you take it you recieve 2 machine gun magazines as well


  • Drops 2 EAT-17s in a hellpod


  • Drops a hellpod full of supplies
  • 1 supply box gives you 10 AR mags, 4 pistol mags and 2 mg mags



Of cource, salute

  • Just hold the item "salute"


  • One person should hold item "handshale" and the other should interact with him while standing close



Automaton trooper

  • Fires bursts of 4 shots
  • Damage - 5
  • HP - 20
  • Sometimes their bullets will give you slowness(brocken leg)

Automaton brawler

  • Melee enemy
  • Damage - 10
  • HP - 20

Automaton commissar

  • Fires single shots
  • Damage - 5
  • HP - 20

Sometimes if there are 6 or more automatons near they will start singing

Download Hellminers (.mcaddon)

[4.47 Mb] Downloads: 480


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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