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Addon: Shattered Totems | Totem & God Apple

Addon: Shattered Totems | Totem & God Apple

Shattered Totems is a small addon that adds a new way to obtain Totems of Undying and returns the old Enchanted apple recipe.

Created By Gibbs_Mc

Shattered totems:

This item is obtained by killing Rotten evokers or Fishing. 

  • After obtaining the Shattered Totem you'll need to repair it with gold: 
  • This creates an empty totem that when combined with Lapis, Emeralds, and two Enchanted Apples, crafts the Totem of Undying: 
  • But don't worry about the expense of 2 enchanted apples as this addon brings back the old Enchanted Apple recipe: 

Rotten Evokers:

Undead creatures who carry the remains of totems that were unable to save their souls, Spawning in dark oak biomes. 


  • Rotten Evoker remodeled/retextured
  • Rotten evokers can now summon Zombies and Slimes
  • Shattered totems can now be obtained from fishing
  • Updated Textures for Shattered and Empty Totem

Download Shattered Totems (.mcaddon)

[418.7 Kb] Downloads: 182


Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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