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Addon: SankoRooms 1.0 - The Backrooms

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Addon: SankoRooms 1.0 - The Backrooms

This Addon is a replica of a popular creepypasta known as “The Backrooms”. It adds a lot of new features to Vanilla Minecraft. Including Backrooms blocks, Backrooms objects and entities. Also having some normal mod things such as furniture and new weapons. 

Created By SankoVibe

Most Importantly this Addon adds Backrooms level Blocks. Which can be used to build various Backrooms levels. Right now with this version of Addon. You can build 4 levels and one Level Room [Manila Room].

 Also here are some decorations for your levels. Like furniture, traffic cones, flashlights, exit signs, computers, moth jelly jars and memory juice jars. Hanging wires, electric outlets, life savers, rocks, ceiling ventilation, wires and etc.  
Theres also different entities in this Addon:



At first be sure that your world has the experiments function ON. And that it also has “Holiday Creator Features” ON, If it doesn’t work. Try to add “Vanilla Experiments“ and ”Upcoming Creator Features” ON too. 

Download The Backrooms (.mcaddon)

[1.58 Mb] Downloads: 918


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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