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Addon: Minecraft Legends Golems Reboot

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Addon: Minecraft Legends Golems Reboot

In this addon you will find golems from Minecraft Legends.

Created By KnightAdventurer

Here some a Crafting Recipes of Golems 


Plank golem 

  • Range golem 
  • It runaway when the enemies near at it


Cobblestone golem

  • Melee golem 
  • It has fall resistance

Mossy golem 

  • Healer Golem 
  • It goes to the golems(MCL golems only) when they hitted by enemies

Grindstone golem

  • A heavy melee golem 
  • It has knockback roar and it gives slow falling to enemies

First of Oak 

  • A Fast Range golem 
  • It shoots fast and doesn't runaway at the enemies unlike normal plank golem

First of Stone 

  • A heavy range golem 
  • It shoots stone that will explode

First of Brick 

  • A heavy melee support 
  • It gives strength and resistance effect at the golems and players

First of Diorite 

  • A heavy melee spawner 
  • It summons Cobblestone in once

Make sure that you must turn on experimental gameplay before you play in my addon 

Download mcl_golems_reboot.mcaddon (.mcaddon)

[278.34 Kb] Downloads: 318

Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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