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Addon: CineCam

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Addon: CineCam

Java Edition's exclusive cinematic camera in Bedrock Edition! Uses simple chat commands and UI to control the speed of camera, launch and stop the Cinematic Camera. Useful at recording footages an videos.

Created By NaKeR

How to use?

To start using it, use command ">cinecam" or ">cinecam ui" in chat.

It will open the UI:

  • Smooth strength: Speed of camera: low value is faster and bigger value is slower, more cinematic.
  • Disable strength limit: By default strength has limits - from 0.25 to 5.00. This switch disables it.
  • Allow moving: by default you aren't allowed to walk in cinematic mod (it's a bit unstable). This switch makes you able to move. Enabled by default.

Click Submit to start cinematic camera! To stop it use chat command: >cinecam stop


new functions

Beta-arguments is a JSON line, which includes unstable properties. Beta arguments are disabled by default.


To enable them you need to be a cinecam admin. To turn an admin use this command:

/tag *player name or "@s" if you want to turn admin* add cinecam_admin

Now you can use another command ">cineadmin":

This command has only one argument for now: "enable_beta_args"

Using the command below you'll enable beta-arguments in this world:

>cineadmin enable_beta_args true

There is only one beta property for now - zoom. Basic example of using zoom in beta-arguments field:

{ "zoom": "10.0" } This JSON zooms the camera in for 10 blocks.



Download Cinecam (.mcaddon)

[239.79 Kb] Downloads: 149


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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ОS: android, windows, iOS

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