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Addon: Diving Tools

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Addon: Diving Tools

Get ready to dive into the mysteries of the underwater world with Diving Tools, here to add a splash of excitement to your underwater expeditions! This amazing addon introduces the Diving Mask, Scuba Tank, Diving Suit Leggings, Flippers, and the Orange Stick, taking you from an ordinary gameplay to a breathtaking adventure beneath the waves.

Created By TheLake

Basic properties and recipes of armor:

1. Diving Mask:

Feel like a true diver and see the underwater wonders in all their glory! With the Diving Mask, you'll be able to explore vibrant coral reefs, mysterious sea creatures, and the mesmerizing dance of light underwater. Let your eyes be enchanted by the beauty that lies beneath the waves!

Durability: 350

Protection Amount: 1.5

Recipe: 4 Diamond, 2 Glass, 2 Orange Stick

2. Scuba Tank:

No more holding your breath! The Scuba Tank provides the perfect solution for extended underwater adventures. Dive deep into the waters and breathe freely, savoring every moment of the visual extravaganza that unfolds below. With this tank, embrace the thrill of the depths!

Durability: 500

Protection Amount: 2.5

Recipe: 6 Iron Ingot

3. Diving Suit Leggings:

Navigating through the chilly waters of the underwater world is now cozier and more enjoyable! Slip into the Diving Suit Leggings and defy the cold underwater. Its unique design will keep you warm, ensuring your comfort while you indulge in the breathtaking views.

Durability: 450

Protection Amount:3

Recipe: 7 Black Dye, 1 Leather Leggings

4. Flippers:

Become the master of the sea with Flippers! Slide into these cleverly designed fins and glide gracefully underwater. Feel the surge of speed as you move like a fish, swift and agile. No one will be able to catch you beneath the waves!

Durability: 400

Protection Amount: 1.5

Recipe: 4 Orange Stick


When you wear the armour fully, you gain the effect of Conduit Power. This allows you to breathe in the water.


Function command

If you enter the chat and type the command (/ function) you can automatically put on the armour. There will be 5 pieces of text in front of you, for example "thelake_diving_mask" when you type this, it will be automatically placed on your head.


5. Orange Stick:

Certainly not magical, but extremely valuable! The Orange Stick plays a crucial role in crafting the other four items. It's easily crafted with orange dye and a regular stick, preparing you for your underwater adventures. Create your gear and set sail for the heart of the sea!

Recipe: 1 Orange Dye, 1 Stick

More Pictures:


Don't forget to open the Experimental Features!

Download Diving Tool (.mcaddon)

[343.52 Kb] Downloads: 319


Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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