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Addon: Aviancraft: Seriemas (Terror birds & their relatives)

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Addon: Aviancraft: Seriemas (Terror birds & their relatives)

Adds 20 species of seriemas to Minecraft, including 2 species of seriemas alive today + 18 extinct species (which includes some of the most famous terror birds) with unique models, animations as well as sound effects. Plus one species of saber-toothed cat (bonus creature). 

Created By Nils Dong

Note: all 18 species of extinct seriemas spawn as ghosts at night and will burn in daylight. If you would like to bring them back to life, splash them with potion of weakness, then cure them with totem of undying immediately. After a while, their eyes will turn back to normal and will no longer burn during daytime. 

In order to tame Phosrhacos and Titanis, you need to bring them back to life first (after the colour of their eyes turn back to normal), then attack them until they start to deliberately avoid other mobs (that means their health are low). Then you ride onto them until they are calmed down. After that, tame them by feeding them cooked fowl. Both  Phosrhacos and Titanis are rideable. All you need to do is put a saddle on them and then you can control their direction. When riding a Titanis, press the jump key will make it attack what's in front of it (you don't need to hop off your Titanis).  

In order to tame Physornis, you need to bring it back to life first, then feed it with Rotten Flesh first to gain its trust, then tame it by feeding it cooked fowl. After taming, you can hold a chest or a saddle in your hand and long press/right click it to put a chest/saddle onto the Physornis. You can ride onto Physornis, but you cannot control the direction. The chest can store quite a few inventories. If your Physornis is hurt, cure it by feeding it meat or Rotten Flesh (recommended due to it can cure the bird more effectively).  In order to tame Mesembriornis and Patagornis, you need to bring them back to life first. Then, attack them while you hold a shield in your hand. Sneak while they charge at you, this will make them being knocked out for a few seconds. While they are knocked out, tame them by feeding them with cooked fowl. After they are tamed, you can make them either patrolling or following you. In the patrol mode, Mesembriornis will attack other small animals on sight, and will not follow the player (you). After turning on experiments in the game settings, tamed Mesembriornis will collect animal loots and give them to its owner as gifts. Patagornis will pick up crop & tree loots and give them to players. These two birds are not rideable Xenosmilus hodsonae is a type of Machairodontid saber-toothed cat that lived in Pleistocene North America. Nicknamed "cookie-cutter cat", it has some of the sharpest and most developed canines and incisors among all cats. Though being a close relative of Homotherium, Xenosmilus is much more robust than its cousin, with a highly muscular body. Most importantly, it may have encountered Titanis in real life. 

After defeating a default Titanis (with white eyes) in game, there's a chance that it will drop Xenosmilus skull and Xenosmilus leather. These two, along side Goat Horn, Totem Of Undying, Stripped Oak Log as well as Smooth Stone, can be used to craft a Xenosmilus Totem 


Alternatively, Xenosmilus skull can also be a fine decoration. It has three postures in total. Sneak and right click/hold can change its posture.  

Anyway, back to the point. After you crafted a Xenosmilus Totem, place it onto the ground when the weather is a Thunderstorm. Make sure the game difficulty is set to either Easy, Normal or Hard (Not Peaceful), otherwise Xenosmilus will not spawn!Then, use lightning to strike the totem. This can be done by enchanting a Trident with "Channeling I", and throw the enchanted Trident right at the Totem. (The weather has to be Thunderstorm, otherwise it will not work)  

Then, an army of Xenosmilus will emerge from the ground. There are 4 variants of Xenosmilus in total. Can you collect them all? (Xenosmilus is not tameable)  

Easter Eggs: 


Paracrax will dance alongside Jukebox (when there's music playing). 


Only two species of seriemas alive today are breedable (Red-legged seriema and Black legged seriema). Normally they avoid players, but they can be approached by feeding them with Fermented Spider Eye. Breed two adult seriemas of the same species by feeding each of them a Spider Eye. After they successfully mate, one of the seriemas will find a block of leaves to lay her eggs on (sometimes it takes a relatively long time for the bird to find a suitable location for nesting, so make sure you follow it). After the chick is hatched, you can speed up its growth by feeding it Spider Eye


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