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Addon: Everything Explodes

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Addon: Everything Explodes

What would Minecraft be like if everything exploded like Creepers, except for Creepers? If you get close enough to any mob, they'll run at you and explode! Creepers, on the other hand, will just follow you around like you're their new best friend.

Created By mno

Not much to say for this one. Approach a mob, any mob, for example a donkey: And, within a second or two, it will be replaced with a big hole: 

The strength of the explosion is randomly selected in the following fashion:

  • 50% chance of a power 2 explosion (for reference a regular creeper's explosion is power 3)
  • 37% chance of a power 5 explosion
  • 10% chance of a power 12 explosion
  • 3% chance of a power 45 explosion (you'll definitely notice this one)

Download Everything Explodes (.mcpack)

[234.87 Kb] Downloads: 330


Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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