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Addon: Soviet-Afgan War

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Addon: Soviet-Afgan War

This addon will add guns, equipment and vehicle to your Minecraft from the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989. and to be more precise, 8 types of guns, 4 types of equipment, 1 vehicle and 2 medicines.

Created By 4uxoh

The addon has a unique reload system. To reload the gun you need to:

  • View the name of the magazine for the gun that needs to be reloaded 
  • See which ammo are needed for the magazine

  • Place the ammo in the left hand and the magazine in the main hand, then hold down the right mouse button or hold the screen until the magazine is reloaded. 
  • Then put the loaded magazine in your left hand and the gun in your right, then press the right mouse button or hold down the screen

BUT if you wear a 6B3 or a Poyas-A. there is no need to shift the magazine to the left hand. it's enough that it's just in the player's inventory


When a player hits you, there is a chance that the player will bleed out.

There are two types of bleeding:

  • Type 1 is a modified poisoning effect, so it cannot kill the player.
  • Type 2 is a modified wither effect, so it can kill the player

Vehicle system

To control BMP-2D, you need two players. one of them is the driver and the other is the shooter

driver's view 

shooter view 

The shooter has two types of weapons. main gun and twin machine gun(ammo is issued automatically)



PM (Makarov)

  • damage: 8-22
  • chance of bleeding: 50%
  • ammo: 8

APS (Stechkin)

  • damage: 9-22
  • chance of bleeding: 60%
  • ammo: 20



  • damage: 25-30
  • chance of bleeding: 90%
  • ammo: 30




  • damage: 25-32
  • chance of bleeding: 80%
  • ammo: 30




  • damage: 25-35
  • chance of bleeding: 70%
  • ammo: 30

SVD (Dragunov)

  • damage: 60-70
  • chance of bleeding: 0%
  • ammo: 10




  • damage: 60-70
  • chance of bleeding: 0%
  • ammo: 100




  • damage: 17000-25000
  • chance of bleeding: 0%
  • ammo: 1




6В2 can protect against PM and APS


6В3 can protect against PM, APS, AKS-74U, AKS-74, AKMS helps with reloading

SSh-68 slightly increases protection

Poyas-A helps with reloading


the attachment system is a bit like a reloading system. to install the attachment on the gun, you need to: take the attachment in your left hand, and the empty gun in the main one, then press the right mouse button or hold down the screen. the gun, on which you can install the attachment, is written in the same place as the weapon magazines


Grenade Launcher in order to shoot from a grenade launcher, put a grenade in your left hand 


first aid kit AI-1M. When used, it gives a healing effect within 45 seconds

Esmarch tourniquet when used, it eliminates bleeding

Download Soviet-Afgan War (.mcaddon)

[5.06 Mb] downloads: 705

Supported Minecraft Versions

Author: Steve

Category: Mods

ОS: android, windows, iOS

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