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Addon: Cybernetic Guns

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Addon: Cybernetic Guns

Step into the future with the Cybernetic Guns Minecraft addon! Equip yourself with an array of high-tech firearms and become the ultimate cybernetic blasters and shooters as you face off against mobs and other players in style with these futuristic shooter guns.

Created By B.M.C Playz

Quantum Blaster: 

Harness the power of quantum energy with this rapid-fire blaster. Its precise targeting system and high rate of fire make it the perfect choice for engaging multiple enemies at once.

Plasma Disruptor: 

This heavy-duty weapon is ideal for taking down tough opponents and wreaking havoc on the battlefield.



Nanite Rifle: 

This weapon fires microscopic robotic projectiles that dismantle your foes at the cellular level, leaving no chance for escape.




Photon Phaser:

Emitting powerful beams of light energy, this gun is not only lethal but also visually stunning.


Tesla Pulse Cannon:

Electrify your enemies with the Tesla Pulse Cannon, a formidable weapon that shoots charged pulses of electricity.




Download Cyber Gun (.mcaddon)

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Supported Minecraft Versions

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