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Addon: Hulk Buster

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Addon: Hulk Buster

Gear up for an epic adventure with the Hulk Buster Addon, bringing the iconic Iron Man suit from the Avengers movie into the blocky world of Minecraft! This incredible addon introduces the massive Hulk Buster suit, a powered-up version of Iron Man's armor designed to take on the mightiest foes.

Craft or find the Hulk Buster suit, a colossal Iron Man armor that towers over the Minecraft landscape. It's not just for show – climb into the suit and become an unstoppable force in your world.




Rideable Action: Take control of the Hulk Buster and traverse the terrain in style! Ride across the landscape and show off the might of this powerful suit as you explore your Minecraft world.

Laser Beam Attacks: Unleash devastating laser beam attacks with precision and power. Blast through obstacles, take down enemies, and defend your creations with the incredible energy beams at your disposal.

Melee Attacks: Get up close and personal with enemies using the Hulk Buster's melee attacks. Feel the force as you deliver powerful punches and strikes to anything in your way.

Missile Attacks: Rain destruction from above by launching missile attacks! Target your foes from a distance and watch as the Hulk Buster's missiles soar through the air, causing chaos in their wake.


Download Hulk Buster (.mcaddon)

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Turn on experimental options in map settings
Supported Minecraft Versions

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