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Addon: Eventyr Adventures

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Addon: Eventyr Adventures

This immersive addon enriches your Minecraft world with an array of exciting features, including new armor, weapons, and mythical creatures that will take your gameplay to the next level.

Created By Kratos Playz

New Armor and Weapons: Discover a wide range of unique and powerful armor sets and weaponry to enhance your combat skills and provide you with the protection needed to face the challenges that lie ahead.  

Mythical Mobs:

  • Goblins: These mischievous and malevolent creatures have found their way into your world. Beware of their cunning tactics as they launch attacks on both players and villagers. Engage in epic battles and protect your settlements from these menacing foes.

  • Arctic Dragons: Majestic and fearsome, these dragons roam the frozen lands of your world. With the right offerings, including beef, chicken, and porkchops, you can tame these mighty beasts and even saddle them to take to the skies. The skies are yours to conquer as you soar above your world on your very own Arctic Dragon.



  • You need to first tame them with Beef or Porkchops to tame the dragons. 
  • Then saddle them up to ride them  
  • Nature Golem: Found within villages, the Nature Golem is a friendly protector of players and other friendly mobs. This benevolent giant will come to your aid when monsters threaten your home. Forge a strong alliance with the Nature Golem as you work together to ensure the safety of your village.


Spawn Rules


  • Biome: Golems primarily spawn in taiga and snowy taiga biomes. They can also spawn in their own, more specific sub-biome called "taiga and snowy taiga hills."
  • Time of Day: Golems are primarily nocturnal creatures and are more likely to spawn during the night.
  • Conditions: Golems tend to spawn in groups of 2-4. They require a light level of 8 or lower, and the terrain should be suitable for their movement.


  • Biome: Dragons can spawn in various biomes, including forests, plains, mountains, taiga, and more. They are not tied to a specific biome but can spawn in most overworld environments.
  • Time of Day: Dragons can spawn at any time, but they are more common during the night and in dark areas.
  • Conditions: Dragons typically spawn alone. They have a relatively low spawn rate and are more likely to spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or lower.


  • Biome: Goblins can spawn in a wide range of biomes, including plains, forests, deserts, swamps, and more. They are one of the most common mobs in the game and can be found almost anywhere.
  • Time of Day: Goblins can spawn both during the day and night, but they are more prevalent at night.
  • Conditions: Goblins tend to spawn in groups, often forming hordes. They are not very picky about the light level and can spawn in low-light areas or even underground.

Download Eventyr Adventures (.mcaddon)

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