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Addon: Better End

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Addon: Better End

This addon has a wide variety of biomes, vegetation, among other things for the dimension "The End", in addition to adding new minerals, new woods and new creatures. You can create new objects such as wooden objects, armor, swords and tools and food.

Created By Halo333X

Land Biomes

Amber Lands is a forest of twisting trees and tall vegetation. You can mine amber ore here.


Blossoming Spires are islands and floating spires covered in lush pink and blue foliage and colorful hanging plants. Petals gently fall from above. Silk moth nests can be found here. 

Chorus Forest are islands with chorus plants and large mushroom covered trees. Small ponds with charnia as well as violecite ruins can occasionally be found scattered through the forest. 

Crystal Mountains are hilly islands with colorful, glowing crystal peaks protruding from the terrain. The hills are otherwise barren but each island has a border of small meadows.  

Dragon Graveyards feature glowing mushrooms of various sizes and broken pillars of mossy obsidian. Fireflies drift about in the air.


Dry Shrubland is an island covered with a variety of plants. There are no trees, but bushes can occasionally be found. 

Dust Wastelands is a barren island with an abundance of dust. 

Foggy Mushroomland is a lush biome filled with moss and giant glowing mushrooms. Lakes full of aquatic life can also occasionally be found here. 

Glowing Grasslands are islands covered with various plants and large flowers which illuminate the terrain. Fireflies drift about in the air. 

Lantern Woods are vibrant forests with glowing flowers resembling lanterns hanging from trees and even floating in the sky. Small ponds with lilypads and anemones can occasionally be found in this biome. 

Megalake is a lush biome which can feature massive tiered lakes full of colorful life. Menger sponges and bubble coral can also be found in its waters. 

Neon Oasis resembles a lush desert. It is filled with large glowing cactus plants and ponds of charnia. 

Shadow Forest is a dark and dangerous forest filled with large mushroom covered trees and hanging vines. Small ponds with charnia can occassionally be found here. Players should watch their step when traveling through this biome as it features thorny plants. 

Void Biomes

Ice Starfield is an area where various stars of ice generate in the void. 

Cave Biomes

Empty End CaveLush Aurora Cave

Lush Smaragdant CaveEmpty Smaragdant CaveJadestone Cave 


Cubozoa are glowing jellyish-like mobs that can be found in bodies of water. Their colors vary depending on the biome they are found in. If you are careful they can be captured alive with a bucket, but beware of their poisonous touch. 

Dragonfly is a glowing, ambient mob that can be found fluttering around lake biomes. 

End Fish are colorful, glowing fish that can be found in lakes and geysers. Their colors vary based on the biome in which the fish was found. They can be captured alive with a bucket. 

End Slime are relatives of the overworld slime. They come in four variants that change depending on the biome they spawned in. Each slime have a simbiotic relationship with one of plant growing in the same biome. 

Shadow Walker is a humanoid mob that slowly stalks you. Adventurers touched by them will suffer from temporary blindness. 

Silk Moth is an insect that can be found fluttering among the Tenanea trees. They like to fill their nests with silk.

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