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Addon: Wilder World

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Addon: Wilder World

Wilder world is an addon that takes existing biomes in the game and fleshes them out with new generation, new blocks and new mobs. There is 10 New Animals, 150+ Blocks and over 30 new items

Created By Alylica


The Main new features of the deserts are the new palm trees, one of the 5 new wood types, there is also new sand/sandstone blocks, and new types of grass and flowers, such as marram grass or small cacti, which drop fruit.

Camels can also now be found anywhere in deserts

Use a stonecutter to hollow any log

There is also 3 new animals:

  • Meerkats love to interact with you, but don't disturb them while they are asleep! If you feed one a spiders eye, it might just give you something in return.
  • Fennec Foxes are simple desert mobs, you can feed them prickly pears, and they may sleep underneath desert palms.
  • Rattlesnakes are very dangerous if attacked, but when not angry, can shed their scales at morning, letting you craft a poison resistance chestplate, or decorative blocks.



Savannas now include many new blocks, such as Dry and Wet Mud, dry mud can even make the new adobe bricks block! You can also find Baobab Trees, which have their very own wood type, keep in mind that to grow them you just place 9 saplings in a square.

You can also find termites, which will feast on log blocks placed near their mounds, converting them into more termite nests, allowing you to farm their drops.

Savannas now also house two unique mobs:

  • Cheetahs love to hunt, attacking Ostriches and Chickens, and anything that attacks them first, they are incredibly quick, and you can feed them raw poultry to breed them.
  • Ostriches can be bred with seeds, and drop a unique meat type when killed, they love to stick their heads in the ground and when their eggs hatch, their shells can be brewed into a potion of resistance!



Badlands now feature the unique 'Flowering Cactus' which can be mined for lots of prickly pears, you can also find thorny roots which are dangerous to step through and tumbleweed stems, which can grow tumbleweeds for use as an item or through a dispenser!

Additionally, all sand variants from the desert section carry over to red sand, you can also now make bricks out of terracotta!

Make sure to watch out for tumbleweeds as they barrel through the badlands damaging anything in their way, a good punch will knock them over and render them useless!

2 new mobs:

  • Vultures love to inhabit the skies, flying circles and slyly following players, could it be a bad omen?
  • Scorpions are quite dangerous, they come out at night and try and poison you, but their dropped poison sac can be used to make potions of decay!


Jungles now feature a lot of new plant life and blocks, for example, moss can be found on the surface, and mossy cobblestone can be found underground! you will also find more redstone ore in this biome

Trees are far more common and larger than before, better emulating real life rainforests, you can also find a new type of tree, the Banana Tree, which can drop bananas from its leaves! Other plants exist, like the luminous wild root, a descendant of the ancient pitcher plant

New animals:

  • Poison Dart Frogs can be found in jungles, they can poison you when taking damage, but if fed a small magma cube they produce a unique froglight block based on their colour.
  • Butterflies also spawn in any kind of jungle, they like flowers but mainly serve as ambient mobs.

There is so much more!

  • New Blocks of sugarcane and paper
  • Mushrooms mounted on the trees of roofed and birch forests
  • Fireflies and willow trees in the updated swamps, cattails, Lavenders and many rose bushes
  • 2 New Stone Types

The 1.1 Update has added in sharks to warm oceans, which drop their teeth when attacking for use in potions, and seals to cold oceans, which can be bred for beneficial potion effects!

There is so much content in this addon, i strongly advise using the recipe book to see what's new to craft (or just use the creative inventory!)


Make sure to enable all of these experiments  

Download Wilder World (.mcaddon)

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Turn on experimental options in map settings
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