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Map: Mission to Lunotopis (Chapter 3)

Map: Mission to Lunotopis (Chapter 3)

As you reach the end of your mission, As directed by the Mayor, you set off to a nearby planet, 'Vanea'. When you land, you find your pod ruined, and nobody around to help you. Can you uncover the jungle's mysteries, get enough repair kits to fix your ship, and make your way to Lunotopis? Find out in the final chapter of Mission to Lunotopis.


The Backstory of Mission to Lunotopis:

The scout saviour ships were lined up in in their hangars and ready to go, on their long journey to find a far out habitable, uninhabited planet. YOU are part of crew 13 - not the luckiest number, I know. The saviour ships were humanity’s final plan. Put the richest on the carrier vessels, and send the scouts to find a suitable planet, to save the best of the human race. The carrier vessels were planned to travel along behind the scouts, waiting to see if one of them discovered a new viable planet. And, well, if they ended up never finding one, the human race was... Doomed. 

The people on the scout ships, you being one of them, found three candidate planets, the final being Lunotopis. After a long flight, almost all hope is lost, as the two first candidate planets failed to provide the necessities.

You are nearly at the end of your mission, though nothing can ever be perfect, as your ship unexpectedly crashes on an unfortunately positioned desert planet, Xaruta, sending your whole plan astray. 

And so begins your perilous Mission to Lunotopis.

 This map is intended to be played in single player, but does still work in multiplayer.

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