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Map: Black Light Bedrock Edition

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Map: Black Light Bedrock Edition

Black Light is a Minecraft Horror Map Java Version by BlueGamerzTM, Bedrock Edition Pocket Edition by Samed1717 and Alpha Production. This Map is a map ranked as the scariest Minecraft map in the world, The scariest part of this Map is the ambiance and jumpscares.

Created by Samed1717


We are in an abandoned city, called Feuredge.
In the city, we wake up in the old Russian Hospital and Asylum.
The building is very huge, and there are more parts of it, and also It's have more floors.
We meander pointless to leave the place, and reveal some secrets.
The city died out by a Radio-Active accident.

To leave this place, It will be not easy. The building is closed, some parts of it is impassable...
Who knows, what kind of mutations happend here, maybe... I'm not alone?


Download Black Light Bedrock Edition (.mcworld)

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