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Map: Half-Life 2

Map: Half-Life 2

A large map for role-playing on the theme of Half-Life 2. The map has its own textures, shaders, sounds and addons. You can find several residential buildings and modified items and armor. Some doors don't open, but they are used as teleports to other locations, just approach them point-blank.  There is a soundtrack on the map (background music, Brin broadcasting, etc.)

Created By Blue_Slime

Main locations: Train station, City 17, ruins, Distant City, Citadel, Sewers, canals, coast (Highway 17), Eastern Black Mesa, Ravenholm, and one location from EP

In the game settings, enable the "beautiful skies" feature!

Download Half-Life 2 (.mcworld)

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Author: admin

Category: Maps

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